How I Met Your Mother S09E23  Last Forever

It is revealed that while abroad Barney and Robin decide to divorce but they say things will never change between the group.

Beginning with a flashback to September 2005, after Robin attempts to set Ted up with a girl at the bar, she mentions that she has no friends in New York. The gang quickly state that now she does, and Lily mentions that the only way she'll let anyone have sex with Robin is if someone marries her. The show then flashes forward to the wedding reception, and Barney and Robin are dancing. In between them, Ted sees the Mother for the first time.

Barney notices the bass player as the person who convinced him to get the girl, and asks her if she is still dating Louis. When she shakes her head no, Barney realises that he should introduce her to Ted, so he quickly rushes over and attempts to get Ted to listen. Ted, on the other hand, mentions that he's got to go.

After a teary goodbye with the gang, Ted sits at the train station waiting for the train which is forty-five minutes late. Next to him, to whom he has been telling the story, is Bernice, an old lady that encourages him to go back to the wedding to find the bass player. She asks Ted that if there was a sign for him to go and speak to her, would he? And then reveals that the bass player from the wedding is standing not too far away.

Bernice is excited and encourages Ted to go and talk to the girl under the yellow umbrella, but he says that he'll be in Chicago in twenty four hours so there would be no point. The show then flashes forward twenty four hours in time, Marshall and Lily enter McLaren's saying that they can feel Ted's absence. Ted, however, is sitting at the booth; he mentions that he didn't move to Chicago because he met a girl, which he reveals to be the bass player at the wedding. Ted calls her and asks her out, and then walks away from the booth whilst talking on the phone to her. Marshall mentions that Ted does this all the time, falls in love, but Lily says that it is different this time.

The show then flashes back to the train station, and Ted and Bernice are still discussing whether or not he should go and talk to her. Bernice tells him to go, and then says it will be all because of her that they get married and have a big wedding; to which Ted responds and says that big weddings are a "young man's game", and questions who would have a big wedding in their thirties. Flash forward to 2015 in the bar, Ted finishes telling Barney and Robin about the hot air balloon he has planned as his big exit at the wedding (contradicting what he told Bernice). He asks Barney how he and Robin are doing, which Barney overcompensates his response saying that "it's great" with regards to her never being at home due to her job. Then the Mother rushes in to the bar, excitedly, and tells Ted that she doesn't think they can get married in September because she wants to fit into her dress, the implication being that she is pregnant.

The show flashes forward to May 2016, at Ted and the Mother's house the gang are all together (seen for the first time by the audience) and it is revealed that Marshall wound up back in corporate law which he does not like. The Mother asks Barney how he and Robin's trip to Argentina was, where they reveal that they got into an argument because Robin is traveling a lot and she does not have time for Barney, and Barney does not like it when she is gone. Robin then refers back to Barney's "Highway Theory" about relationships, and offers him an exit at the three year mark. After getting drunk and having sex repeatedly, they discuss the proposition of divorce and then reveal to the gang that they got divorced. Everyone is shocked, but Marshall asks if it's what they both really want, which they respond yes to. Lily says that they'll only be okay with it if it means that the gang still hangs out, but Barney counters this with the question of do they hang out anyway. But they all agree to be there for the big moments. Incidentally, that gathering is a big moment because Barney notices Lily's breasts and the fact that Marshall has been drinking Lily's champagne all night; she is pregnant with her third child.

The show then flashes forward to October of 2016, and Marshall and Lily are finding their living arrangements too cramped. They both agree on moving to a bigger place, so they have a Halloween/Farewell, Apartment party. From the dialogue, it is the first time that the gang have seen Robin in a while; she does not dress up in a costume and, as she feels she is being ousted from the group, she leaves the party early. Lily sees her leaving and says that this is a big moment, the gang is all together, but Robin says that "the gang" to her is: a married couple that she never sees, about to have their third child; her ex husband hitting on slutty police officers right in front of her; and the person she probably should have ended up with, talking to the beautiful mother of his child. This saddens Lily, who then asks whether it means that their friendship is over. Robin says no, but it will be different which doesn't have to be a bad thing.

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