How I Met Your Mother S09E22 – The End Of The Aisle

With only a half-hour to go, both Barney and Robin have panic attacks about their upcoming nuptials. Meanwhile, Marshall and Lily rewrite their old wedding vows.

At Sunday, 5:28 p.m., just 32 minutes before the wedding, Barney and Robin suffer panic attacks. Robin considers escaping through the window, as Ted and Victoria had from Victoria's wedding a year earlier. After she brings up how she wishes that Barney had found her locket as a sign of his reliability, Ted secretly brings her locket, which he retrieved from the river, to Barney and instructs Barney to take credit for finding it. When Robin realizes the truth, she remembers Barney's dishonesty and begins considering that Ted is the right person for her after all. She tells Ted, that she thinks she should be with him. Ted says that he doesn't want to hear that. She then offers to run away with him to Chicago. Ted refuses to run away with her, recognizing at last that he and Robin aren't the same people who loved each other once and that she and Barney are meant to be together. Unconvinced, Robin decides to run away on her own and crashes into the band's bass player - the event that Future Ted describes to his kids as "how your Aunt Robin met your mother."
Meanwhile, Marshall and Lily manage to calm Barney down, but find that he is struggling to write his wedding vows. When Lily points out how selfish and easy his vows are to accomplish, Barney counters by remarking about how Lily and Marshall have broken all their marriage vows over the years. They are disappointed to realize that Barney is right. However, they spend a moment at the altar to update their vows and promise to keep updating them as they need to instead of making perfect vows. Barney witnesses the moment and goes to find Robin.
Robin apologizes for knocking over the Mother, who sees that Robin is trying to run away. Because they do not know each other well, the Mother does not persuade Robin not to flee and encourages Robin take three deep breaths instead. The Mother slips away as Robin follows the Mother's suggestion and Barney appears. He promises to make only one vow to her: he will be honest with her from now on, and begins with revealing that Ted had found her locket.
As the wedding ceremony begins, Barney has one last panic attack, which Marshall ends with the final slap of the slap bet. The ceremony goes through without any trouble, even with the arrival of a bear as the ring bear, (also present was a flower gorilla, which Barney cancels at the last moment) and concludes with Robin and Barney married before their family and friends.

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