How I Met Your Mother S09E24 – Last Forever (Finale)

Ted finally finishes telling his kids the story of how he met their mother.

In 2018, Barney, Ted and Lily are at the MacLaren's hanging out again for the first time in a long while. Barney says that they are going to stay late. Lily laments that Robin is not with them even though she promised she'd be there for the big moments. Ted says that this is not really a big moment, but Barney says it is. Just then, Marshall walks towards their booth and tells them that it is a big moment, because he is going to be a judge. A few hours later, while they are still talking at the bar, Barney sees a girl and gets up to walk towards her but Lily stops him.  Lily asks if he has changed even a little from his old womanizing ways and he says he hasn't. There was a time when it seemed that he was capable of going the distance, but if it didn't work with Robin, it won't work with anyone else.

Meanwhile, Marshall, Lily, Ted and The Mother are at an arena watching Robots vs. Wrestlers. Marshall asks Ted and The Mother if they ever plan on getting married. Just then Barney comes and sits next to them. He tells them that he just had the perfect month, but found out the the last girl, Girl #31, is pregnant. When Lily congratulates him, he says that this is a disaster and he's too old for this.

In 2020, Ted takes his infant daughter Penny to the GNB Headquarters tower where they run into Robin. Ted invites Robin to lunch the following day. Ted, Lily and Marshall are at the hospital who are there for the birth of Barney's child. A nurse comes and tells them that it's a girl, who has been named Ellie. The nurse lets Barney hold her. Barney becomes emotional and starts crying, telling his baby daughter, "You are the love of my life. Everything I have and everything I am is yours, forever."

Later, Ted asks The Mother to give him her engagement ring back so he can re-propose. He asks her to get married to him on the coming Thursday, and she says yes. The day of the wedding, The gang, minus Robin, are at MacLaren's. Just then, Robin walks in the bar, leaving them surprised. She apologizes for missing some of the big moments. She congratulates Barney for becoming a father. Marshall also tells them that he is running for the position of a judge of the Supreme Court. When Ted says that Robin RSVP'd no, Robin tells him that The Mother convinced her to come. The Mother then walks in the bar and takes a picture of the gang together.

Meanwhile, Lily makes a toast to Ted for being so so emotionally enduring and is glad that they got here (Ted finally getting married).

Ted then tells his kids in 2030 that he was glad he reached there with difficulty as it made the lesson clear. He says that he knew the moment he met their mother that he had to love her as much as could, through all the times; good and bad. Even when she got sick (which we later learn she died from, 6 years earlier) he thanked God that he had the courage to talk to her at the Farhampton train station.

At the train station, in 2013, Ted walks to the mother and taps her on the shoulder. Before he introduces himself, she says that she recognizes him as the Best Man. He says that she is Cindy's ex-roommate while she says that he is the professor who taught Econ 305 once. Ted then tells her that the yellow umbrella she was holding is his which he left at Cindy's, but she says it's her umbrella which she bought. Ted says that it has his initials; T.M. for Ted Mosby, but she says that those are her initials, and introduces herself as Tracy McConnell. She remembers that she did lose the umbrella for a few years when she went to a party and Ted completes the rest of the story for her. They then say "Hi" to each other.

In 2030, Ted finally finishes telling the story to his kids. Ted’s kids realize that the story is not really about the mother but it is actually about how Ted still harbors feelings towards Robin, pointing out how obvious it appears when she comes over to hang out with them. They console him, saying that they "love Aunt Robin", giving him their blessings and encouraging him to call Robin. He picks up the phone but then puts it down.

Meanwhile, Robin enters her apartment with her dogs. Just then her doorbell rings. Robin attempts to call downstairs to see who it is, but gives up. She opens her window to look outside and sees Ted holding the Blue French Horn in a scene reminiscent to the pilot, with Ted even dressed the same way. Robin looks down and smiles at him. The screen fades to black and says "how I met your mother".

The episode concludes with stills of the main cast (from the Pilot) set to The Walkmen's "Heaven".

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